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Your enjoyment of this website is very important to us.   If you are having difficulty using this website after seeing the FAQ's below.

or if you just have a general question or we cannot help you from the FAQ's below , please contact us at:


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Frequently Asked Questions 

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Q1.  I have paid but I cannot enter the site

Q2.  I have not received my confirmation email for my new username and password

Q3.  I have logged in but the system keeps asking me for my username and password?

Q4.  I have forgotten username and password

Q5.  None of the above - Help!





































Q1.  I have paid but I cannot enter the site

A1.  On joining you may have skipped the membership sign up page to choose a username and password so please email  with the name and email address you joined us under and we will fix you up.  If you did sign up you may have used the wrong user name and password so get a reminder by clicking here

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Q2.  I have not received my confirmation email for my new username and password

A2.  It is very important that the correct email address is used or you will not get replies to your ads or messages.  If you think you have used the wrong email address, follow the join instructions again in Q1 with the correct email.

Otherwise, you email may be in your spam tray, or worse blocked by your spam filter due to sex themes (hotmail is very bad for this).  To get around this problem.

  • Ensure your firewall, spam filter  or email provider allows and

  • If you still have the problem with hotmail, use another free email address provider such as 

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Q3.  I have logged in but the system keeps asking me for my username and password?

A3.  Our system is cookies and IP address based so you have to ensure your Browser's privacy settings are set to medium and that you don't have a Firewall enabled in such a manner as to block our cookies or prevent us from seeing your IP address.  If you are still having problems, please do the following (try each step first before going on to the next):

  • Delete all of your cookies and restart your computer before trying the personals again

  • Ensure you firewall allows and

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Q4.  I have forgotten username and password

A4.  Use the lost password feature by clicking here - your username and password will be sent to you.  If you have changed your email address and cannot access the email address you used for these personals then you will not be able to use this feature.  You will have to email with your old password, your full name and address you used to join us.  For the security of our members, if you cannot or are unwilling provide this information, we simply cannot help you and you will have to get another membership.

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Q5.  None of the above - Help!

A5.  Please email us at  with your usercodes or username and describe the problem in as much details as possible.  We will respond within 24 hours.

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